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20 point Summer Inspection

  1. Check system for proper refrigerant charge
  2. Check compressor and fan amps
  3. Check and clean condenser coils
  4. Check capacitors
  5. Check contactor points
  6. Brush out electrical cabinet
  7. Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper snug fit
  8. Check thermostat operation and mounting
  9. Check blower amps
  10. Check circuit components and safeties
  11. Check/Evaluate evaporator coil for build up
  12. Check all electrical connections and wires
  13. Change/Wash filter
  14. Check temperature splits
  15. Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
  16. Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage
  17. Check float switch in condensate pump if available
  18. Clean equipment exterior
  19. Check for leaks at the plenum
  20. Check final performance and report necessary improvements


15 step furnace tune-up includes

  1. Cleaning burners and pilot assemblies
  2. Checking the heat exchanger for cracks
  3. Cleaning the pilot thermocouple
  4. Replace the alter
  5. Checking vent piping
  6. Testing gas piping for leaks
  7. Testing the elctronic ignition
  8. Testing the fan
  9. Adjusting the burner for efficiency
  10. Testing the limit switch
  11. Measuring the manifold gas pressure
  12. Measuring the temperature rise
  13. Setting the heat anticipating
  14. Examining the draft diverter
  15. Lubricating the fan motor